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The National Local Technical Assistance Program Association (NLTAPA) treasurer and vice president presented budget information at the January 2015 business meeting showing approved budgeted expenses exceeding annual income. As recommended by the NLTAPA membership, the Executive Committee formed an ad hoc budget committee to evaluate how to meet proposed expenses. At the July 23, 2015 NLTAPA general business meeting in Savannah, GA, the secretary and ad hoc budget committee presented the requested report detailing expected costs, revenues, and proposed measures to meet budget constraints with or without a dues increase. The report was approved by a vote of the general membership and recorded by the secretary. The presentation and report from the July 2015 meeting are linked below.

Following the ad hoc budget committee report at the July 2015 business meeting, members placed two questions before membership: The first is whether to raise dues or not; and the second is, should dues be raised by $125 or $250? As required by NLTAPA bylaws, the balloting has been paused 30 days from the time that a vote was called and the pros and cons of a dues increase were presented to membership.

The report as presented by the Ad Hoc Budget Committee and secretary to the general membership is linked here. (Please note that there is a small discrepancy in the budgeted amounts between this file and the summarized report below, which reflects the most current budget numbers for 2015/16)

A written report summarizing the presentation from the general business meeting is linked here.

The NLTAPA secretary has emailed ballots and posted the ballot to the LTAP/TTAP forums and requests your vote by close of business on September 25, 2015.



Posted by John Velat in Workgroup Executive Committee on Tue, 2016-11-22 16:21.