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It is important for all of the LTAP community to be a part of work group in the organziation. Being a work group member you will enhance your skills plus contribute to the group the skills you have. Become a member today.


The Association's main objectives are to build awareness about LTAP/TTAP in the transportation community, assist FHWA's Office of Technology Partnership Programs (TPP) with developing strategies for the Program, and build the capacity of each Center to best meet the needs of its customers.


The Association solely manages three of five work groups:


·        Communications: Encompasses both internal and external communication efforts; Ensures collaboration between NLTAPA and Centers, strong communications amongst the Association’s member Centers, and represents Centers to FHWA, our external partners, elected officials, other national associations and the transportation community.


·        Partnerships: Develops, nurtures and evaluates national and international NLTAPA business partnerships that benefit member Centers.


·        Training Resources: Identifies LTAP/TTAP training needs, current available resources, opportunities for new products, development strategies, and funding sources for new products.



The other two work groups are jointly led by co-chairs from both NLTAPA and FHWA TPP. 


·        Joint Professional Development: Enhances operational knowledge of LTAP/TTAP Center leaders and their respective staffs by creating an environment of continuous, coordinated, and comprehensive support and training.


·        Joint Safety: Establishes the LTAP/TTAP Program as a leader in road safety, both nationally and within each State.



These work groups, with members from NLTAPA elected representatives, the general membership, and FHWA, produce most of the Association's tangible results. Each work group develops its own annual work plan and budget.


Posted by Denise Brown in Region North Central on Tue, 2017-08-22 15:53.