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These helpful tips are provided by Katherine Donnelly from the Massachusetts LTAP. If you have any further questions, please contact Katherine at or 413-535-9126.

"A recurring theme that I heard throughout the Social Media World Conference is that everything should be “P2P” ….Person to Person. People want to do business with people they know, love and trust. I feel that we all (or those I know from other LTAPs) have a good grasp on making this a personal relationship, but it is always a good reminder. Through that personal relationship, we need to convey the same voice/relationship online."


Videos on Facebook receive more than 3x more engagement than pictures or text alone. This means we need to take videos of interactive trainings such as concrete installation or there is a need to make videos with photos. I believe that Facebook can do it now, but I used Animoto with huge success like this one of Mike:

Square photos perform better than landscape on Facebook and Instagram

  • 28% more views
  • Takes up 78% more screen space
  • 67% higher view competition rate                 

Facebook algorithms are hurting us
If you want to know how it works…

  • You post content
  • Content is scanned for substance (text, image, content, video, live, etc.)
  • Selectively shown
  • If people react, reach is expanded

Frequency is not the answer. Less is more.

  • You need to get people to share and like posts (get your coworkers to!) to bust through the algorithm and it looks like it is important content for Facebook to boost
  • The best way to avoid algorithms is with live posts. Live posts do not go through the scanning process and followers and friends are notified to watch when you post them

There is a need to educate, entertain and inspire people. You will often get more engagement when you are sharing something that can entertain or inspire someone, even when it does not specifically have to do with your product. These can land someone to click on your page and get on your site.

Also, stories where someone may have gotten hurt in an OSHA or Trenching incident may be the better link for someone signing up for a class rather than just posting that you have the class.

If anyone is looking for something specific, they can contact me: or 413-535-9126. I also have presentations from the whole conference if anyone wants to see it.

Posted by Carly Keane in Workgroup Communications on Tue, 2017-07-18 11:24.