Free Webinar: Preventing Falls During Bridge Construction

Falls are one of the most serious hazards in the roadway and construction industry, and remains one of OSHA’s most cited violations. This safety webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of a fall prevention program, covering key issues in the selection and use of fall protection in bridge construction, inspection, and maintenance. Speaker Van Howell, an experienced safety instructor, will provide guidance on how to best select, implement, and maintain a standard fall prevention system . Topics include fall protection systems, how to select fall protection, OSHA standards, how to selection personal fall arrest systems (PFAS), lanyards and connectors, self-retracting lifelines, horizontal lifelines, swing falls, suspension trauma, and fall rescue planning.

Provider: American Road & Transportation Builders Association (under a FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant)
Website: Link to URL

Notes: The webinar will be held on May 12, at 2 pm EST. To register, go to

Posted by Janet Leli in Workgroup Safety on Fri, 2017-04-28 10:55.