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Regional News

  • New Jersey
    Negotiations are done and they are just waiting on the contract for the next 5 years.
  • Connecticut
    Donna let us know that their  Safety Circuit Rider program has been reauthorized by CTDOT/FHWA for an additional three (3) years effective January 1, 2016. Way to go Donna and the folks at the Connecticut LTAP Center.
  • Spring 2016 Meeting
    Maine is looking into hosting the Regional meeting May 16-18. Please clear those dates. More details will be forthcoming.


National News


  • One on One sessions to look at your center history using PAR data are still being done and available for all centers. Please contact Susan Monahan or Jeff Z.
  • The Mid-Atlantic Region did a session at their recent Regional meeting where they shared their data. Do we want to do that in NE next Spring? If we do, what do we want to see and share?
  • CAR - Most questions are up so you can start reviewing what is going to be on the 2015 CAR.


National Conference

The 2017 site (Mid-Atlantic Region) may have a hotel rate above the per diem, but the total may actually be less than many other National meetings. Will this be an issue with your Center? We need to know asap as the decision for 2017 needs to be made soon.


Also, if you have any suggestions for the 2016 Conference, please send them to me or the Conference Work Group (Chair: Matt Enders, Washington LTAP).



  • AASHTO Agreement is just waiting for signature from John Valet.
  • NTTD – Rebecca Mayher (Arizona) and Donna are working with NTTD on a possible agreement. There should be more information and details at the Winter Business meeting.


Professional Development

The Work Group focus is the summer meeting, LTAP U., and mentoring program, Academy rewrite (leadership team). They are still looking for volunteers


Training Resources

The Work Group is holding a webinar on December 14th to discuss the Resource Syntheses that have been developed. Details will be released soon. The Pavement Preservation & Winter Maintenance Syntheses will be discussed, but the real goal is to show the overall value of the syntheses.


Winter Meeting

The Winter Meeting of NLTAPA will be on January 10, 2016 at the NHI offices in Arlington, VA (not Texas). Plan now to attend and let me know if you have anything that should be discussed.


Posted by David Orr in Region Northeast on Sat, 2015-11-21 13:59.