Following the coalition meeting from 1 pm – 4 pm there will be a Road Safety Roundtable and Best Practices Discussion with the Insurance Industry presented by AON, Liberty Mutual, National Safety Council and Zurich and you can register via

The objective is to assist any industry with fleet exposures to better understand the substantial challenges of road safety and how to evaluate and reinforce the positive behaviors of drivers. One of the largest challenges facing organizations and safety professionals is to ensure a safe work environment while employees travel by vehicle.  This includes a wide variety of exposures from tractor trailer to passenger car; from full time drivers to non- owned autos and operators of rental vehicles.  Fleet accidents represent the largest exposure for most organizations, to catastrophic loss. This event is for industry leaders with fleet exposures to share ideas, concepts, and solutions for improving road safety in a non-competitive environment.  The objective is for all to come away with ways we can move the needle on road safety, not for insurance reasons but as a personal commitment to safety. 


The goal is to have an open dialogue around the following topics:

         What are your transportation safety issues today?
         What have been the three most impactful changes you have made in managing your fleet exposures?
         How have/do companies drive behavioral change?
         What criteria are used in selecting drivers for regulated & non-regulated fleets?
         What criteria are used to monitoring driver behaviors in non-regulated fleets?
         How are you managing the ever increasing vehicle distractions (GPS, dashboards, on-board computers, etc.?)
         What is the impact of generational differences?
         What do you believe are the greatest transportation risk issues for the future?
         Impact of vehicle autonomy?

Posted by Janet Leli in Workgroup Safety on Fri, 2017-12-01 10:36.