Do you know about the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Community of Practice (COP)?


The SHSP COP is the first of its kind, online community for SHSP practitioners in State Departments of Transportation and Highway Safety Offices, as well as other public and private stakeholders who contribute to the development, implementation and evaluation of the SHSP.


The SHSP COP centralizes and disseminates information for states about the range of roadway safety practices and strategies being implemented by safety stakeholders across the Nation through SHSPs.


It is a place for SHSP practitioners to:


·         Learn about the safety priorities and strategies other States are including in their SHSPs (see the SHSP State Profile Map!)

·         Find valuable SHSP information, tools and resources from States, FHWA, NHTSA, FMCSA and other SHSP partners

·         Exchange helpful and noteworthy practices

·         Engage in a peer environment

·         Access technical assistance

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Information is continually updated to keep you current on SHSPs!  

Posted by Janet Leli in Workgroup Safety on Wed, 2015-10-21 10:09.