Purpose of Partnerships

Partnering activities allow NLTAPA to leverage resources among organizations with similar goals and objectives. NLTAPA maintains four national level, formal partnerships with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the American Public Works Association (APWA), the National Association of County Engineers (NACE) and the National Transportation Training Directors Association (NTTD). The LTAP/TTAP organization at the National or Local level cannot endorse one organization over another. The LTAP/TTAP organization provides assistance and training to local agencies and organizations and cannot promote a specific product over another. Each LTAP/TTAP Center operates as an independent center and a partnership with one Center or the National LTAP Association (NLTAPA) is not an inclusive agreement with all of the centers. A partnership with the NLTAPA should only be entered with organizations that have a national influence and will benefit a number of Centers. Being that the Centers are independent organizations, all of the Centers are not required to endorse or support all partnership agreements, whether Local or National agreements. Entering into a partnership agreement is for the benefit of both organizations and those benefits must be spelled out in the agreement. Partnering agreements with NLTAPA are created through an established process. For additional information, please contact the NLTAPA Partnerships Workgroup or the current NLTAPA President.

National Partnering Agreements

Liasons to Partnering Organizations

LTAP/TTAP Center Partnering Agreements

In addition, many LTAP Centers have entered into partnering agreements with local chapters of the above organizations as well as other organizations.

  • Arizona: Arizona LTAP and American Public Works Association Arizona Chapter
  • Colorado: Colorado LTAP and American Public Works Association Colorado Chapter
  • Georgia: American Public Works Association Georgia Chapter and Georgia LTAP
  • Iowa: Iowa LTAP and Iowa County Engineers Association (ICEA)
  • Minnesota: Minnesota County Engineers Association and Minnesota LTAP
  • Nebraska: Nebraska LTAP and Nebraska American Public Works Association Chapter
  • New Jersey: New Jersey LTAP and the American Public Works Association New Jersey Chapter
  • New York: Cornell Local Roads Program LTAP and New York State County Highway Superintendents' Association

Partnering Activites

For more information about NLTAPA Partnering Activities, please contact:

Keith Knapp, Chair of the Partnership Work Group, at :  kknapp@iastate.edu