Executive Committee
Collage of 2019 Regional LTAP Meetings
We had a great regional meeting season and every single region was able to get a picture of the attendees. Thanks again for those who attended (and called in) to the meetings. See you in Stowe!
Professional Development
The 2019 National Program Achievement Award Packet is on the NLTAPA website, but the actual word file is on the Executive Committee files page.
Training Resources
The Training Resources Workgroup of the National LTAP Association have developed these Tailgate Safety Briefing Packages for you to use in support of your local agencies.  While these are developed as Tailgate Safety Talks, they are suitable for adaptation as newsletter articles, technical briefings, flyers, tri-folds, or any way you see fit to raise safety awareness with your local agency pers
2019 LTAP-TTAP-NTTD Conference Poster Session Climb Every Mountain
Chris Melton from the Louisiana Transportation Research Center made a fabulous video from footage he collected at this year’s NLTAPA 2018 conference held in New Orleans. Thank you Chris! Youtube Video link
Training Resources
TRWG has several items of interest and opportunities for participation at the conference in New Orleans:
The 2018 NTTD (National Transportation Training Directors) Conference will be held from October 7-11, 2018 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Hope to see you there!  Here is link to the conference information: