August 21st - 5:26pm EDT Executive Committee
Melissa Townsend, Nebraska LTAP Event Coordinator email: mtownsend3@unl.eduphone: 402.472.5764 Expertise: Conference and large meeting planning/logisticsOffice AdministrationReimbursement/Workforce Development
July 20th - 10:18am EDT Communications
Below is a working list of useful Apps. Feel free to review and add to it!
July 19th - 5:37pm EDT Communications
Be in the know with all the happenings, events and general updates or even just to connect with other LTAP/TTAPs. Join the NLTAPA Facebook page at: If the link doesn't work, try searching for NLTAPA, then send a request to join.
July 18th - 11:24am EDT Communications
These helpful tips are provided by Katherine Donnelly from the Massachusetts LTAP. If you have any further questions, please contact Katherine at or 413-535-9126.
July 13th - 2:08pm EDT Treasurer
The Association's Tax Return for calendar year 2016 has been posted to this website.  
June 14th - 10:57am EDT Communications
July 18, 2018 Tuesday 3:15-4:15 pm Breakout Session 2: Creative Way to get locals to pay attention to new innovations.   July  19, 2017 Wednesday 10:45-11:45 pm Breakout Session 7: Innovative Outreach Measures - how to find the forgotten locals.