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NLTAPA 2018 Conference Highlight Reel August 20th - 9:03am EDT Chris Melton from the Louisiana Transportation Research Center made a fabulous video from footage view
SAVE THE DATE - 2018 NLTAPA National Conference July 23-26, 2018 July 26th - 1:47pm EDT view
NLTAPA 2017 National Conference Agenda July 13th - 2:27pm EDT view
NLTAPA Lagniappe Spring 2018 April 12th - 12:34pm EDT NLTAPA Spring 2018 Newsletter link view
NLTAPA Winter Business Meeting Annual Report 2018 December 27th - 9:44am EST Here is the link to the report view
There's An App For That! July 20th - 10:18am EDT Below is a working list of useful Apps. Feel free to review and add to it! view
Are You On Facebook? Did you know NLTAPA is too!! July 19th - 5:37pm EDT Be in the know with all the happenings, events and general updates or even just to connect with o view
Facebook: Helpful hints for your Center's FB Page July 18th - 11:24am EDT These helpful tips are provided by Katherine Donnelly from the Massachusetts LTAP. view
NLTAPA 2017 Communications Work Group Meeting July 11th - 4:36pm EDT view
Communication WG Breakout Sessions at NTLAPA Conference June 14th - 10:57am EDT July 18, 2018 Tuesday 3:15-4:15 pm view