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If you are an LTAP or TTAP Center staff member interested in joining this work group, contact any of the following people.

Chair: Mary McCarthy
Connecticut Technology Transfer Center
Chair: Donna Shea
Connecticut Technology Transfer Center

Upcoming Meetings

There are currently no upcoming meetings for this group.

Group Description

The National LTAP/TTAP Conference (“Conference”) is the annual meeting for the LTAP/TTAP Centers, and is planned and administered by NLTAPA through the Conference Planning Work Group (the “CPWG”).

NLTAPA holds its annual summer Conference to share the latest knowledge, skills, and materials that enhance the performance of its member Centers. The Association works with all local road and street partners, customers, and stakeholders to develop Center staff competencies and to support the interests of NLTAPA members. Co-sponsored by FHWA, the Conference is hosted by an NLTAPA Region, or group of Regions, or Center selected by the NLTAPA Executive Committee (the “EC”). In coordination with the CPWG, the EC has sole responsibility for ensuring that the program during the Conference meets the needs of our national membership.