Get Involved

If you are an LTAP or TTAP Center staff member interested in joining this work group, contact any of the following people.

Chair: Laila Kral
Idaho Technology Transfer Center
Chair: Matthew Enders
Washington State LTAP Center
Chair: Janet Leli
New Jersey Local Technical Assistance Program

Upcoming Meetings

There are currently no upcoming meetings for this group.

Workgroup Goal

To establish the Local Technical Assistance Program as a leader in rural road safety, both nationally and within each state. Work group members will work closely with other associations to spearhead transportation safety activities nationally.

Workgroup Mission

To establish the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP/TTAP) as a National leader in transportation safety by providing leadership, advocacy and improved resources to the local transportation community.

  1. Identify and build alliances with strategic organizations necessary to assist LTAP/TTAP and local agencies in improving safety on local roads.
  2. Identify resources and provide tools to LTAP Centers and other stakeholders to implement road safety initiatives and improvements at the local level.
  3. Work with FHWA offices and partner organizations to enhance the capacity of the LTAP/TTAP organization to provide safety related technical support and resources to the local road and street agencies.