We’re looking forward to celebrating LTAP’s 40 years (and counting!) on June 21st at 2 PM EST, and hope to see all of our LTAP friends there, as well as lots of local agencies and partners.  This celebration is open to all, so we hope you’ll take a moment to share the attached invitation and registration link far and wide in your network!

There are a couple areas we invite every center’s participation in – first, sharing photos, stories, or other updates about how your center is celebrating LTAP 40.  For instance- NH LTAP had a birthday cake celebration at our NH Road Agent’s Mountain of Demos yesterday (see our pictures ).  What is your center doing to celebrate?  Please send it my way so we can include it in an upcoming video collage.

Secondly, we’re still gathering LTAP history, and highlights of LTAP and local agency partnership success.  If your center has a unique or special story of your work with a local or state project or team, we’d love to hear about it and talk with those who participated.  This is a special time to reflect on the important role the LTAP program plays in creating and maintaining a safe, effective surface transportation system, so throughout this year, we’re sharing the stories of LTAP’s impact.  LTAP centers across the nation are integral to local agencies’ access to knowledge, information, and new technologies… the LTAP 40 celebration is a great time to share that story.